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The Platform is an on-line application designed to support best practices known to improve orientation outcomes. It can be customized by you and will efficiently manage required regulatory documentation. The platform can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC with access to the internet.
This online tool is for use in any hospital or health care facility during a nurse’s unit- based orientation or residency transition. It is also applicable for training and documenting nurses’ transition into new specialty areas. The tool supports preceptor coaching and communication, reflective learning, optimizing patient assignments and competency validation. Key features allow educators to track overall progress and easily manage required documentation.
You can easily add your current checklists / competency criteria and policies to the program- we even set up your first unit for you!

In our checklists, you can attach extra material as a PDF, add a video, or link to a policy stored in your hospital’s system. Then, when each skill or policy is evaluated, electronic signatures are recorded for both the preceptee and preceptor.
Each of our evidence-based features was included to give nurses an enhanced orientation experience. Additional innovative tools like the well-being tracker and guided coaching help to support learning and address stressors. Tracking the new hire nurse’s experiences with diagnoses and skills aids in optimizing patient assignments during the orientation leading to a more well-rounded orientation and more efficient learning.
Every piece of the program can be customized by you to suit your needs. Features can be adjusted or turned off entirely, allowing you to structure your program with the most effective balance of preceptee self-direction and preceptor supervision. These easy to use customizations allow you to create the best orientation possible for your new hires, preceptors and educators.

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