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Online checklists that can always be accessed from any device.

  • Hospitals can customize their clinical and policy checklists for each unit.
  • Preceptees, preceptors, and educators can track progress online.
  • Educational images, documents, or videos can by attached to each skill or policy.
Required documentation is automatically compiled in the system.
  • Each checklist sign-off is recorded, along with a time stamp and method of evaluation.
  • This paperless system eliminates lost documentation.
Preceptees get more feedback on each competency.
  • Preceptors are prompted to give feedback with each skill or policy evaluation.
  • Preceptees can look back at their feedback anytime during and after their orientation.
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Preceptees get a well rounded orientation.

  • Orientees record their patient experiences.
  • A visual tool allows both orientees and preceptors to see what diagnoses and skills preceptees have had a chance to observe or assist with.
  • Preceptors can refer to this graph to seek the best patient assignments for their preceptees.
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Preceptors get resources to help with coaching.

  • Preceptors are prompted to meet regularly with their preceptees.
  • Meetings are structured with goal planning, discussion questions, and progress assessments.
Educators are kept in the loop.
  • Educators can review notes from each coaching session.
  • They can monitor how often preceptors and preceptees are meeting.
  • They can view evaluation trends and take action in real-time.
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Supports reflective learning

  • Preceptees are prompted to reflect on learning success, needs, and well-being.
  • Encourages preceptees to be more self-aware and ask for help when needed.
Combat stress and reality shock.
  • Educators and preceptors will see a summary of the preceptee’s well-being scores, so they can intervene when necessary.
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Better communication and tracking.

  • Preceptors can quickly check the progress of their preceptees, allowing them to make better patient assignments based on what preceptees need to advance their learning.
  • They can view shared notes to stay up to date on their preceptees experiences with other preceptors.
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Easy required documentation reporting

  • Educators can create a complete orientation documentation report with one click.
  • Reports can be saved, printed, or stored in the system itself.

Admins can track progress and manage users

  • Educators can track checklist and patient experience progress for each orientee.
  • They can pull reports by unit to monitor trends in coaching, patient experience, and well-being.

Manage the whole platform using our Admin Dashboard

Managing your preceptorship program has never been easier. Every setting and control is a tap away. Create new users, track preceptorship progress, and upload new content instantly. Updates and changes are in real time and take effect immediately system wide.

  • Add and remove users
  • Manage checklists
  • Configure hospital units
  • Create preceptorships
  • Generate reports

Four user roles designed to fit the needs of your organization.

  1. Preceptee
  2. Preceptor
  3. Unit Educator
  4. Program Manager
Control access to your organization's content and resources. Our system allows you to assign user roles and give permissions to specific users.

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