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Nurse Residency Coordinator

Magnet Hospital


Magnet Hospital

Staff Development Specialist/Coordinator

Magnet Hospital

All in One

Consolidate the process of orienting new hires. Training modules, performance checklists, patient logs, and more in one place.

Preceptorship Report

Generate a comprehensive preceptorship report for every new-hire, instantly!

Access from Anywhere

Our web-based platform allows for easy access. Log in from any computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Easy & Customizable

Our software is customized to meet your specific needs. We upload your organization's checklists, policies, and documents.

Why Go Paperless?

Quick and Easy Access

Access checklists, preceptorship reports, patient logs, training modules, and more in one place.

Event Triggers and Notifications

Receive notifications for key events, important dates, and upcoming deadlines. Our software scheduler runs 24/7.

Well documented

Our preceptorship software eliminates the risk of losing important records, and information can be accessed by new hires, preceptors, and educators at any time.

Precise Record Keeping

Every data entry and action is timestamped and connected to one user so there is no more ambiguity or recreating lost records.

Increased Efficiency

Sort, categorize, and search through checklists instantly. Eliminate the headache of manually processing paper checklists.

High Security

Your data is encrypted, constantly backed up, and secured under TLS 2.0 Protocol.

A nurse onboarding program unlike any other.

Hiring and orientation costs add up fast. These costs can be managed by implementing an efficient orientation program that gives hospital management invaluable data about preceptorships that is not available in any other hospital system.

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Paperless System
  • Secure Access
  • Easy Progress Tracking
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